Saturday, July 14, 2007

On Rails

Yet another rails blog.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lia's blog?

I came across a blog called liasdaysgoby with some entries about a honeymoon in Bali. Felt a bit weird as, my Lia is also almost 30, we are both Asian (javanese), had a sort of honeymoon trip to Java and Bali, and I also bought her a Mac some time ago.

Lia with the honeymoon cake on our way to Jakarta.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dedicated smalltalk blog

I have created a dedicated smalltalk blog in dutch.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Setting up radrails on Suse Linux took some tweaking. On Suse the ruby interpreter is accessed through /usr/bin/ruby instead of /usr/local/bin/ruby.
No big deal, just modify the setting in the radrails preferences. Well it seems radrails keeps returning to the old setting after a restart. By deleting the "Default Ruby Interpreter" entry and adding it again it retains your new settings.

Next is getting subclipse to work. JavaHL does not seem to work although it is supposed to be included with the Suse distribution. I will just use the javaSVN adapter for now.

The Home Office

So I finally start to work at home. First thing to do is get rid of the old desk and get a new one without a stupid keyboard tray. The trays are always to small for a keyboard and mouse and not very steady for typing. I got this Jerker computer terminal from IKEA instead, which allows you to keep your desk clean for just your keyboard and mouse. Everything else is elevated.Only problem is that I have installed it a bit too high and I have to disassemble it completely to lower it.

I will use my pc for coding. The ibook lacks a bit of power and I have to share it with Emilia. I need to install some linux flavor and stick with Suse for now. Ubuntu did not autodetect my dual head setup and I did not feel like modifying the config file. Although Suse also didn't support my setup out of the box it was easier to setup. There was a problem with the Acer AL1711 monitor. My hardware did not match the specification from the monitor info file, so I had to tweak the frequency ranges a bit.

I now got the basic office functionality and still need to setup the development environment. I can not use textmate so I will use radrails instead.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The value of knowledge on the balance sheet

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Smalltalk again

In the past weeks I started to learn smalltalk again. I did give it a try before, just after I came from the xp2001 congres in Sardinia. Apart from all the xp stuff, I learned that smalltalk wasn't death. I didn't follow through and never made it past installing dolphin smalltalk.

So here we are in 2006 and I am given it another shot, mainly because I want to evaluate the seaside framework.

So I tried squeak, but it felt a bit uncomfortable, so I use visualworks from cincom instead. It has a more windows like feeling.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Upgrading the homenetwork

In search for new storage space I opted for a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution with the LaCie Ethernetdisk Mini 250GB. It is both a USB Drive and network drive but not together at the same time. As I wanted a dedicated network drive I formatted the drive to the linux filesystem format, which makes removes the possibility to use it as a USB drive. In hindsight I should have kept it to FAT32, as it faster to initially transfer your files through USB. It took me a day to move my files over the network. I am also not content with the noise of the drive. The main reason for using a NAS is to have my files available for all my computers without the need for a noisy server being on all the time.

I finally got the confirmation that my MyAdsl account will be cancelled next month, so I am free to make use of the Surfsnel offer: 10Mb downstream, 1Mb upstream for just 27,95 euros. Just one of the benefits of being a student again.

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